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Available techniques; Therapeutic Massage, Positional Release, Myofascial Release, Visualization, Reflexology, Reiki, Pregnancy Massage, Infant Massage, River, Stone Massage, Paraffin Therapy, Q-Bath

In Pete's experience working with injured clients, the biggest frustration they have is their body does not bounce back to what it was. Our body will compensate and allow us a level of abuse but there is always a day when your body says “stop”!

It may be an injury, a repetitive action, or an auto accident. With the gentle approach of Pete's modalities, her clients learn how their body has saved itself from further injury and is compensating so they can continue to move freely.

Pete educates her clients so they can reclaim their body instead of being subject to it, and assists her clients in appreciating the awesome gifts they have. Pete helps her clients to bring the mind and body back to speaking terms; there is nothing like chronic pain to bring life to a halt, and wear you down mentally and physically. Pete is a trained listener, but with her heart and hands.

Pete asks her clients to ask themselves what is the best solution, whether it be aromatherapy, massage technique or therapeutic modality. She is always working with her clients throughout a session, and instructing them that they are in control. She helps her clients choose the modality that is perfect for them, and can adjust it to be that way. Pete works for you!

Pete believes there is room for learning in all of us. While she is their therapist, everyone who lies on her table is her teacher; she is always learning. Her techniques are not the only ones; no one modality is "the one and only," and modalities and therapies can be used to compliment each other and be synergetic. Pete's techniques include supporting muscle and structure with massage and mental intention; utilizing mental and physical intention. Each client needs to use whatever modality works for him or her in that session, and Pete believes that the whole is greater than the sum of the parts. Let's work together! It is important to Pete that her clients find relief from discomfort and to have the ability to produce relief from pain away from her massage table.

Pete believes in empowering her clients to return to their lives before discomfort and pain took over. Are Pete's massage therapies the cure-all? No! Her excellent therapies are only a tool in her clients' arsenal to return to their very best. Each client varies. After any therapy session, some feel relaxed, revitalized or energized, and some feel initial fatigue with renewed energy later in the day. Your experience is totally yours. Of course, always consult a physician about medical care and the best approach for you. Doctors may offer referrals on diet, exercise and other types of pain management.

Pete is a firm believer in Adjunctive Therapy. She is ready and willing to work with doctors, chiropractors and other health care professionals, including professional trainers, on her clients’ health issues.

Contact Pete today at (702) 277-3220 to see how you can enhance your health care with her excellent modalities and therapies.

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